Look! The House on a Hill

This house stands tall overlooking the southwestern end of downtown Kansas City. From it's long flight of front stairs (carrying groceries in must be quite the task) to it's dark front porch, it's been on our "I have to get a picture of that house!" radar for quite sometime.. Click through the jump for a few more exterior shots of the place.


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Although this view of the house feels a bit like the Jawa Sand Crawler from Star Wars (sometimes our inner nerd interferes with daily life...) it's clean lines, differences in color and window size make it interesting to look at.

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Ok, so the Sand Crawler comparison is probably a stretch, but deep down we are still 12 and enjoyed the thought of it.

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The dark diamond plate on the stairs was a nice modern choice. Not only will it help with traction and be easy to clean, but will also withstand the elements. The front of the house faces West, which is the reason for having only one small window. The sun in this part of town can be pretty brutal. And who hasn't wanted a red door at some point in time?

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