Moose heads welded from weathered farm machinery? Outrageous? Yes. A fun and silly thing to hang in your simple modern home? I think so. Conceived and created by the family enterprise that is The Steel Fork, these sculptures are not only great conversational pieces but will also add a bit of humor to your home's décor.

Reclaimed Material Animal Heads from The Steel Fork, images above, details below.

1 Moose Head Metal Mount Made With Recycled Farm Machinery, $385
2 Ram's Head, Metal Mount from Recycled Farm Machinery, $360
3 Metal Deer Head Mount, Recycled Farm Machinery, $360
4 Mounted Metal Elk Head Reclaime Farm Machinery, $380
5 Mounted Moose Head Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Farm Machinery, $410

(Images: The Steel Fork)