Look! The Toilet House

Look! The Toilet House

Abby Stone
Mar 3, 2008

This South Korean house, a 24 1/2 foot toilet bowl, owned by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the World Toilet Association General Assembly, who made his career by beautifying public restrooms, was built with the intention of bringing attention to the problem of poor sanitary conditions worldwide. An aerial view of this commodious abode after the jump...

Located in Suweon, a city south of Seoul, the two story, 4 bedroom home comes complete with four deluxe toilets, including a central bathroom, enclosed in glass, which turns opaque at the touch of a button, allowing guests to take care of business in private. Jae-duck, who's named the house Haewoojae, Korean for "a place of sanctuary where one can solve one's worries," hopes that guests will pay big bucks to stay here and thus raise money for his cause. While we chuckle at the house, we applaud Jae-duck's house-pride and his good intention.

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