Blogging for Apartment Therapy, I'm exposed to a lot of rooms painted in vibrant colors. I bookmark them for future reference. Who am I kidding? All that color? What if I change my mind? For everyone out there who knows exactly what I'm talking about, here are some easy, ways to dip your toe in the ocean of color...
  1. Pillows : This is one of the simplest, fastest and cheapest ways to bring in color. Pillows are also easy to make yourself.
  2. Tablecloth or runner: whether it's a hand-me-down from Grandma or a piece of fabric you picked up inexpensively, a tablecloth can add a bright note to an otherwise neutral room. Throw a matching pair over your nightstands for a quick burst of change.
  3. Slipcovers: From a full on slipcover to a quick reupholster, they can change the look of a whole room.
  4. Rugs: A rug is an easy way to add a dramatic swath of color. And, for those of you who are nervous when it comes to color, adding it to the floor is the least jarring way of bringing it in.
  5. Throws in a contrasting color are an inviting look tossed across a couch, a chair or over an ottoman.
  6. Accessories: From a collection of glassware to a large dramatic vase, accesories are an easy and inexpensive way to ad color
  7. Lamp Shades: are one of the most unexpected ways to add color to your home. A solid color is great but why not try a bold floral or a stripe?
  8. Photos and Art:: Bring in color through the art or photographs you choose or the frames they're displayed in.
  9. Furniture: Whether it's one striking piece in your living room or a collection of brightly colored chairs in your dining room, painting selected pieces of furniture is another way to bring color into your home.
  10. Bookshelves: Paint the inside of a bookcase to add a hint of color without a full commitment
  11. Flowers: Don't forget Mother Nature when you're deciding on ways to add color to a room. It's the easiest and most inexpensive way to add color.
  12. Headboard: Use paint to create the illusion of a headboard in your bedroom.
  13. One Wall or a Portion of a Wall: Use paint to highlight or create architectural interest in your home.
  14. A door: we love the look in some Swedish homes of painting each door a unique but complementary color.
  15. Ceiling: Like adding it to the floor, adding it to the ceiling brings in a lot of color without it being in your face.
  16. Moldings: The usual way is to go for a colored wall and white molding. Why not turn this idea on its head by keeping your walls white and painting your molding that color you've been eyeing in the store?
  17. Curtains and Shades: are a easy to way to add a big impact of color which can swapped out seasonally.