Look: Traditional Korean 1st Birthday Party

Look: Traditional Korean 1st Birthday Party

Julia Cho
Sep 21, 2007

Lots of bright colors at our nephew's first birthday. The set up at this restaurant made for a great photo too! Samuel looked like a king or the pope seated up there in his traditional Korean hanbok.

A special part of the day's festivities is this ceremony - a few items are laid out on a table in front of Sammy. Each things represents a possible career for him. Everyone quietly watches and waits while he surveys the items and chooses one of the items without prodding. Crayons- he'll be an artist. The soccer ball- an athlete. You get the idea.

Our nephew chose the miniature violin our mother-in-law brought. Sammy does love dancing to music. His uncle, a struggling musician, told him to put it back! But he chose it again. Of course it's all in fun, but it was cute to see him ponder the items.

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