Look! TV Mounted Above Fireplace

Look! TV Mounted Above Fireplace

Sonia Zjawinski
Sep 30, 2008

There are lots of places to place a flat screen when you're willing to look to your walls for support. Jonathan Craddock and his wife decided the empty spot above their fireplace was the best place for their 37" Philips Ambilight LCD and we have to agree that it was a good decision.

Before they could mount their TV though, they had to gut their living room and install a fireplace. After the jump some shots of their space during and after construction along with info on their wireless media server and streaming Xbox.

"There's a line at the beginning of the TV Series Frasier where he tries to explain his flat to his father, 'It's a style of decorating -- it's called eclectic.'," Jonathan tells us. "The theory behind it is, if you have really fine pieces of furniture, it doesn't matter if they match, they will go together.

My wife Wendy and I both loved the show and his apartment, and whilst we'll probably never afford anything like it, that quote pretty much encapsulates our feelings on interior design. (That, and a taste for California modern minimalism!)"

Wendy and Jonathan ended up gutting their mid-terraced house in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

"I'd just removed a wooden trim that used to frame the 'arch' between the living room and dining area. Opened it up about 4 inches all round. The old gas fire is visible to the right. This is where we built the false chimney breast for the new TV and fire. The old sofas, huddled in the middle of the room for protection, eventually got sold. Someone came and collected them using a farm cattle transporter."

"The flame effect's not real. We wanted to avoid too much heat directly below the TV, so we chose an electric fire that blows heat downwards. The fire sends flame coloured light up through white pebbles and somehow animates it."

"The hi-fi set up is probably considered the basic end of the hi-fi market. It's a Cambridge Audio DVD player, which doubles as a pretty decent CD player, a Marantz amplifier, and below is an Xbox Mediacentre connected via a wireless bridge. An old PC in the loft serves as a file server; I just VNC into it if ever I need to. Otherwise, I just dump movies and MP3s to its discs."

Photos: Jonathan Craddock

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