(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We spotted this over at CasaSugar.com. A reader submitted a photo on how she was able to create the illusion of a headboard combined with bold amounts of color to a colorless room (which needed to remain colorless because it was a temporary rental). She achieved this with some simple and clever use of fabrics and textiles...

She used a bold and graphic print duvet, paired with contrasting sheets for full color impact. Then, she hung up floor to ceiling dark chocolate brown curtains to camouflage an awkwardly placed window, and it also became a makeshift headboard. She explained that it "...I decided to give the illusion of (a headboard) by using the curtains... It helps to define the bed and still get some balance." Read the entire post over at CasaSugar. Has anyone done something like this in their bedroom?
Image from CasaSugar reader Tmenotte