Look! Using Architectural Salvage as Wall Décor

Look! Using Architectural Salvage as Wall Décor

Grace Shu
Dec 14, 2007

If someone asked us what our biggest inspiration is for home décor, we wouldn't even bat an eyelash. For us, it's the home of one of our oldest friends, the Ackisses. Their house was the satellite house where all of our little friends would convene, and back then we had no clue how stylish this house was.

For example: when we studied for our chemistry tests, we'd sprawl out in chairs that we called "Inside-Out Lemon Peels." Little did we know that those chairs were the Bertoia Diamond chairs with full yellow wool covers. Or the coffee table where we would read People magazine and eat bagel chips? It was--and still is--the classic William Platner wire base with the glass top.

When we visited the Ackisses last month in Virginia, we fell in love with their dining room wall--especially this beautiful wood piece that was salvaged from a house being torn down in the historic part of Norfolk. We love the idea, and we've already begun listing salvage yards to hit this weekend. Anyone know of any good online resources for salvage pieces?

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