033009shelf-02.jpgFor a bite-sized bathroom, shelving can be tricky. You don't want to overpower the room with bulky, unattractive shelving but your items still need a place to call home (preferably a spot that's out in the open for quick getting ready in the morning). We love Lizzy's version of shelving for the bathroom and had to share the great idea...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Lizzy spotted these simple iron steps at an antique store one weekend--$6 for the pair (steal). She treated them with a coat of off-white paint and re-purposed them as shelving for her bathroom. We love the open-pattern design of the shelving which lets light through and keeps the look graceful. Another option for a teeny bathroom is corner shelving which will save much needed space.

AT readers, what sort of shelving do you have in your bathroom, is it DIY'd like Lizzy's iron steps? Or do you prefer to have things hidden under the sink, behind closed doors?

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