Look! Vintage Refrigerator Drawer Planter

Look! Vintage Refrigerator Drawer Planter

Amber Byfield
Aug 22, 2008

82208_vegplanter.jpgAs renters, we can't justify buying a shmancy new vintage-looking, energy-efficient fridge (yet), so we live vicariously through this vintage crisper drawer reincarnated as a planter in our container garden.

We've seen plenty of weird things used as planters: recycled tires, barrels, even a boot. It's great to see something reused, especially when it's giving a plant a home.

This old refrigerator crisper drawer is one of our favorite unique planters, though. We love the vintage feel, and now, we've got oregano growing in it. Something that used to hold veggies for dinner now sustains herbs to season a dinner. Nice image, isn't it?

If you're going to use something like this, make sure to put holes in it with a metal drill--and be safe about it. This crisper drawer got its holes in an unusual way (and we don't recommend trying this at home): someone, who shall remain nameless, took it out into a field and shot four holes through the bottom with a pistol. That's just how we do things out on the farm--but hey, it works!

Almost anything can be given a new life as part of a container garden. What types of unusual containers do your plants call home? (And how'd they get drainage holes?)

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