Look! Wall Mount Wine Rack at Wine Therapy

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In our endless search for wine racks that are beautiful and save space, we took these pics at a small wine shop in Nolita with a very good name. They have stocked their entire store with these wall mounted wine racks to beautiful effect and we were daring enough to ask them where they had come from...

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The owner of Wine Therapy, Jean Baptiste Humvert, is French, and he sourced these racks himself in France. He found them from a wine shop in Paris called Lovin.fr, who made the racks and sold them to them. Jean Baptiste says that he's not sure if Lovin still sells them (they have changed hands), but they are willing to take your inquiries if you'd like to buy a small quantity from them (they have some extra).

(Thanks Jean Baptiste!)

>> Lovin.fr

>> Wine Therapy

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