Look We Love: Gold Fixtures in the Bathroom

Look We Love: Gold Fixtures in the Bathroom

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 19, 2014
(Image credit: Skona Hem)

I love watching trends cycle in and out of favor. Three years ago, Catrin wrote a post predicting that gold fixtures would make a comeback in the bathroom and asking readers whether they could stomach this. The response, almost universally: not in a million years. But, sure enough, over the last few years gold (and brass) fixtures have been slowly cropping up in bathrooms all over. What do you think — still not a fan? Is the look growing on you? Or have you loved it all along?

Above: gold fixtures in a modern bathroom from Skona Hem

(Image credit: Skona Hem)

Cement walls give this bathroom from Skona Hem a bit of a rustic vibe: the gold faucet adds a glamorous touch. It's a pleasant sort of tension.

(Image credit: Yatzer)

Gold and light wood — a surprisingly beautiful combination. (Since this is the inside of a shower, I think these might be wood-look tiles instead of actual wood.) Spotted on Yazter.

(Image credit: Per Jansson)
(Image credit: Per Jansson)

Gold fixtures in a minimal bathroom from Per Jansson via badrumsdrommar.

A luxe sink and faucet combo adds just the right amount of excitement to an understated bathroom. From Buckingham Interior Designers, via Houzz.

(Image credit: Domino)

Gold fixtures are a perfect fit with this new bathroom's vintage feel. From Domino.

(Image credit: T Magazine)

Another old new bathroom, from the New York home of designer John Derian, from T Magazine, via The Perfect Bath.

(Image credit: Canadian House & Home)

From Canadian House & Home, what might be the prettiest shower curtain rod we've ever seen.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Roberts)

The modern shape of these fixtures contributes to the sleek feel of the bathroom; the gold tone balances out the dark marble and floor tile and makes everything a little more light-hearted. From from Elizabeth Roberts.

(Image credit: Domino)

Gold fixtures lighten up a black bathroom from Domino.

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