Look!: Weird Home Audio Components

Look!: Weird Home Audio Components

Gregory Han
Jan 26, 2009

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It was Bob Turek's unusual, if not somewhat disconcerting, mannequin MP3 player system that had us remembering the myriad of other strange home audio items we've seen in the past. You've got the $2230 Bandai Diorama Speaker with miniature recreation of Ginza Street, or a really head-scratching-cool Vestax turntable guitar, or a Beethoven bust iPod dock that Alex of A Clockwork Orange would appreciate. Surprisingly, we weren't able to hunt down a toilet based stereo system despite someone patenting the idea. But for the most part, like fetishes, there seems to be something for everyone out there...

Bob Turek's Lamp Amp: made of a car speaker, Ikea lamp, hand built amplifier.

Bandai Diorama Speaker: with miniature reproduction of busy Ginza Street ontop. Our question is whether the cars and trolley move.

Bob Turek's mannequin MP3 player system: Bob, you dirty lad you...that's one blush-inducing docking station and stereo setup. We know you're wondering if there are rear inputs.

Fioa Jean Thomson's Ode to Beethoven: it's a bust and iPod docking station and speaker setup. Beethoven prefers you play his music and not the new Fallout Boy, if you please.

The Gangster CD Stereo Sneaker: Does it have anti-skipping buffer, or do you have to walk with a slow, gangster gait?

Claassen & Partner's MSKYO: named after LL's Mama Said Knock You Out, these sound systems hidden inside a "granny trolley" might make visiting the local farmer's market a more fun excursion than without.

Jacob Mathew's stiletto-shaped speaker: Jacob Mathew's The Artist of Audio gallery is filled with strange mashups of home audio with everyday objects like these heels. Still, he didn't dare the toilet? Somewhere Marcel Duchamp is tisk-tisking.

Vestax turntable guitar: Finally something to surmount the keytar as the weirdest instrument.

Stereostone Garden Fountain Speaker: a fully working fountain with an 8" 250w Loudspeaker hidden inside. Marketed as a "great conversation piece"...we're sure it will start many of conversations about your lapse in judgment in purchasing such a thing.

Sander Mulder's Woofers: An oldie but a goodie, we've always had a strange affinity for these speakers despite being dog lovers because of their replica quality detail and Tim Burton-esque aesthetic.

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