Look! West Elm on Broadway Opens 3/4

Look! West Elm on Broadway Opens 3/4

Aaron Able
Mar 3, 2009

This morning, we got a special preview of New York City's newest and largest West Elm — located a few blocks north of Columbus Circle at 1870 Broadway (at 62nd Street). Not only did we see the store stocked and primed for tomorrow's opening, but we got a peek at the one-of-a-kind designs that event designer David Stark created for the pre-opening bash...

1 The new store at 1870 Broadway
2 This West Elm is on the second floor — giving the merchandising team plenty of opportunity to display the wares on the ride up the escalator.
3 This is a large West Elm — 24,000 square feet (including the stock room). Everything seems bigger and they are able to showcase the entire collection in one place.
4 We were drawn to these pin-tucked throw pillows — a spin-off or new interpretation of the popular Pin Tuck Bedding?
5 Lots of green and recycled glass in the spring collection!
6 The best-selling Scoop Chair in a wide array of colors and patterns.
7 The display rooms are on a larger scale in this store. We like these hexagonal yellow tables.
8 A clever under-bed storage box — the Monroe Storage Trunk.
9 The lid lifts off and the entire box is covered in white, leather-like PVC.
10 Beveled-edge lacquer boxes.

DAVID STARK'S DESIGNS All of these one-of-a-kind creations were created from West Elm packing materials and out-dated catalogs — materials that had served their original purpose and are now being reused. The pieces will be auctioned off to benefit Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at tonight's private opening event.
11 A giant topiary made from cardboard and old catalogs.
12 Close up.
13 Toothbrush and toothpaste objet, artfully crinkled.
14 A giant cactus...
15 with straight-pin spines — our favorite design of the special collection!

On opening day, this West Elm location is offering free delivery on furniture items within 25 miles of the store.

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