What Your Pillow Arrangement Says About Your Style

Would you describe your style as romantic? Or perhaps traditional? House Beautiful's December issue has a fun spread, featuring Dwell Studio bedding, that links your style to the way you arrange your pillows. Check out your own style after the jump...

A TAILORED pillow arrangement could mean that you are organized and that your ducks are in a row.
The MODERNIST prefers to lay pillows flat and organized.
If you perfectly prop the pillows with a single accent pillow then you are TRADITIONAL by nature.
Lots of pillows, including ruffles, may be a sign of someone who is ROMANTIC.
A BOHEMIAN personality likes to toss the pillows although keep some coordination as well.

Now that you know your pillow style, click here to take a pillow survey and see how the Apartment Therapy community stacks up!

[Images via House Beautiful 12/08]

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