(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Our answer to the question has changed as baby has grown. Our look inside readers' homes as part of AT: The Nursery's Smallest, Coolest contest has got us curious about what everyone is carrying in their diaper bags.

Right now if you looked inside our diaper bag/purse, you'd find:

  • diapers, wipes, small changing pad, diaper rash ointment
  • onesie and pants
  • blanket
  • burp cloth
  • bottles, ice packs, baby food, disposable bib, sippy cup, spoons
  • small bottle of hand sanitizer (since confiscated by TSA)
  • ziploc baggies
  • wallet, keys, cell phone, blackberry

    Share with everyone what's in your diaper bag. Are you a minimalist or do you pack for every contingency? Let us know if you've got a great tip for packing and organizing your bag.

    (Diaper bag shown is from One Little Monkey.)