Look!: Winter Cherry Blossom Alchemy

Look!: Winter Cherry Blossom Alchemy

Regina Yunghans
Feb 16, 2007

We stumbled on these when we were shopping in Soho last weekend. Someone had set branches of cherry blossoms out for the garbage. The blossoms where nearly gone and the branches were on the curb in the freezing cold. But one branch looked relatively salvageable and, much to the dismay of our companion, we plucked it right up and rode back home with it on the train...

While on the train, a nice lady was admiring the branch and advised us that we might be able to get some new blossoms out of the branch if we put it in warm water when we got home. We did just that and it's been blossoming like crazy all week!

The branch is about 7' in length and we're keeping it in a large vase on the mantle. Thanks for the advise, lady on the train, whoever you are. It brought a special treat to the entire week!

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