Look! Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub

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Water and fire. This past weekend we discovered the joys of one of natures' simplest pleasures: the cedar hot tub. But this hot tub was special. Our friends bought it as a kit and installed it within two weekends...

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Better yet, the heating elements are two stainless steel Japanese "Chofu" woodstoves. They take about 6 hours to heat this puppy of 500 gallons up to over 100 degrees by stuffing their mouths with small split wood pieces that they had specially ordered.

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No chemicals are needed. The water is pure and filtered through a combination of a big filter that sits on the outside and an ionizer that buzzes the water as it goes into the tub.

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Although this is all taking place out in the country, these hot tubs come in many sizes and can be assembled anywhere. We think that rather than fantisizing about climbing into one of those water towers above your building, you should consider this as an option.

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Hot Tub - Sea Otter Wooden Hot Tubs
Heater - Chofu Wood Heater
Filter - MicroStar Filter with Ionizer

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Deck - that was the hard part, but it was built with #2 cedar decking and stainless steel screws
Chairs - Crate & Barrel

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