Looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment in the Bay Area

Looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment in the Bay Area

Monika Gromek
Feb 25, 2009

Two of our friends from Arizona are moving to the Bay Area. The are coming to visit in two weeks in hopes of renting the perfect apartment. The biggest challenge will be finding an affordable, pet friendly place. Their dog is a gorgeous three year old boxer. He is no longer a puppy, but owning a pet will limit their choices. If you have any suggestions on which are the most dog friendly neighborhoods in the city or around the Bay Area, please comment after the jump.

One of their main requirements is public transportation within walking distance. Ideally it would be BART, since we all know how unreliable the bus system can be. The dog loves to run and be outside, so a public park nearby would be a huge plus. They would prefer to live in San Francisco, but in hopes of finding a larger space for less money, they are looking in the East Bay and the Peninsula as well. In Arizona they have collected some great vintage pieces of furniture and they would love to keep most of them. A two bedroom or a large one bedroom would be ideal, but they will most likely have to downsize. Please comment with any recommendations you might have.

Photos: Dangerlux

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