Looking For: Classic (Yet Easy to Maintain) Cloth Napkins

This past year my husband and I switched to using cloth napkins almost exclusively. We use them for everything but the most informal backyard barbecue, and I must say it's very nice to have the feel and look of fabric on the table. But (here's the catch) they can be a real pain to maintain!

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Right now we primarily use these informal cotton napkins, made from IKEA's TEKLA towels. A friend cut and hemmed them for us, and I love their bistro look. But they aren't the highest quality fabric, and they stain easily. And let's not even start on the wrinkles! If I am motivated I get them out of the dryer fast and smooth them flat, or, if there's serious company coming, I actually iron them.

So, I'm curious. I'm looking for a slightly more high-end set of crisp white napkins. But I want some that will be easier to launder and keep looking fresh and crisp. Any suggestions? Any napkins you particularly like?

The ones pictured above, by the way, are from Crate & Barrel.

• Find them: Classic White Napkin, $2.95 at Crate & Barrel

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(Images: Crate & Barrel; Faith Durand)

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