Lose the Clutter: Organize your Outbox

Lose the Clutter: Organize your Outbox

Janel Laban
Jun 30, 2008
One of the greatest parts of the Cure is the outbox - the collection of things that you are getting rid of. Having a waystation for items that are making their way out of your life makes the "goodbye" that much easier. You can place something in the outbox, knowing that if you decide you really NEED it, it can be retrieved before the box is emptied (and, honestly that is something we rarely end up doing - once in the outbox it usually goes....). That said, outboxs are a good idea anytime your home needs some attention and are most effective when well organized - here's a method for managing the madness:

Have separate small boxes (or bags, or trays) for different items depending on where they have to go. This will also dictate how frequently it should be emptied during the cure (or anytime you have one going):

Garbage - clear it daily
Mail - clear it daily - for items that need to be sent from the P.O., clear once a week
Recycling - clear it twice a week
Store Returns - clear it ASAP to ensure that a return is possible
Library - clear within the rental return period for your city, and if its overdue, clear it ASAP
Friends - clear it when you plan to see them
Charity - clear it once a month

This means that when you have a very full outbox, you should be grabbing something nearly everyday, but it also means that in about a month, you will be free and clear of the clutter (until the next cure, of course).

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