Lotta Jansdotter Fabric Bucket

Lotta Jansdotter Fabric Bucket

Nov 27, 2007

Multitask. We love products that can serve multiple functions in our home — like this new fabric bucket by Lotta Jansdotter. We're imagining it on our holiday table, filled with homemade bread and biscuits (like in the photo above). The bucket can also serve as a catchall around the house.

We could use one in the office/craft room to store our yarns and small pieces of fabric. And another in the living room to keep kids' toys tidy.

Another function we wouldn't have thought of, but Lotta did: Put a potted plant inside the bucket. The stiff linen will stand up just fine and is much more attractive than a standard plastic green pot.

The fabric bucket, featuring the Kantra design, is available exclusively online at Lotta Jansdotter for $32.

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