ABC Love and Customized Kids' Poster

ABC Love and Customized Kids' Poster

Carrie McBride
Feb 12, 2008

Jennifer Ramos, creator of MadeByGirl cards, has expanded her line to create a new, graphic, modern ABC poster. Look closely and you'll see a special message of Love (there's also an Amor version). Of course you love your kids, but maybe you'd like to see their name spelled out instead? No problem - click through to see Jennifer's customized kids' names posters.

When ordering, send in your child's name and your color preferences (all of the art can have colors changed to suit your space) to receive a poster made just for your child. For beginning readers, having the alphabet present is a good way to introduce letters and practice learning them. And this poster will make teaching them to spell their names that much easier and fun.

We also like that the poster is kind of ageless - suitable for a nursery, a teen, or heck, maybe you want one for yourself. They come in three sizes: 16x24 ($50), 20x30 ($65) and 30x45 ($130). Find them and the MadeByGirl Collection here.

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