If there is one thing that I am obsessed with it, is beautiful spaces filled to the brim with plants. I love spending time in my garden whenever possible, and bringing a bit of that green indoors is the best way to incorporate that feeling into my decor. Here are a few of my favorite examples of interiors that incorporate plants beautifully.

1. A collection of succulents and a sculptural cacti are right at home in this light filled space. Image of Orlando Soria's home from Style by Emily Henderson.

2. Plants are casually incorporated in every corner of this room, giving it a laid-back feel. Image by Jaclyn Campanaro via SF Girl by Bay.

3. An indoor garden is perfectly balanced in shape and scale. Image of Bri Emery's Living Room by Style by Emily Henderson.

4. Two fiddle leaf fig trees add drama and symmetry. Image from Better Homes and Gardens.

5. A vintage card catalog is the perfect display for a collection of plants. Image from Justina Blakeney's blog.