Low Tech: Toy Robots Made of Wood

Low Tech: Toy Robots Made of Wood

Mari Richards
Nov 12, 2012

Everyone loves supporting handmade, and showcasing artisan items in their home. It's even better when you can find handmade toys filled with a little extra charm and character, versus the big box plastic variety. Plus, you can find the quirkiest little niche markets, like this one: Wooden Robots.

Conceptually the combination of a low-brow material like wood with a high-tech concept like robotics is, in itself, fascinating. But what makes it work is the personality inherent in each of these little guys (or gals?). Whether you choose the most popular - Areaware's Cubebot - or a lesser-known pal, these robots will have your entire fafmily beep bop booping all over the house. Who needs the Transformers, anyway?

Eco-Wooden Robot, $31.00
Block Bot, $8.00
AreaWare Cubebot, $25.00
Rocket Powered Wood Robot, $90.00
Goldieblocks, limited edition, $35.00

(Images: As credited above.)

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