Low Cost Guest Room Daybed or Futon?

Low Cost Guest Room Daybed or Futon?

Regina Yunghans
Mar 21, 2012

Q: My boyfriend and I are moving into a new apartment and we're looking at furnishing our spare room to accommodate our hobbies (sewing and painting) but also guests from out of town. He is from overseas so family and friends come to visit about 6-8 times a year:

Originally, we were going to furnished it with my old bed but decided that would take up too much room so we've been looking at daybeds and futons. We liked was the CB2 Lubi bed but when it's open as a bed you're practically sleeping on the floor. Also, the price tag of $900 + tax + delivery is a little steep for a bed that will be seldom used.

Then, I saw this image of a twin sized platform bed being used as a futon (see image). I really like the way it looks and I want to do something similar. The one caveat is that I'd need to use an XL twin bed (like in a school dorm) to accommodate for our taller guests.

Any suggestions on where to find a low-cost platform bed for an XL twin, or other, nice looking alternatives for a guest room?

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