Good Questions: Are These Storage Cubes Sturdy?

Good Questions: Are These Storage Cubes Sturdy?

May 16, 2007

Hey AT,

How sturdy are these storage cubes?

I have been looking at these fiberboard storage cubes on Stacks and Stacks for a while now. I would love to fasten four of them together and place a cushion on top to make a low bench with storage for my tiny less than 300 sf studio (closets included) that I just moved into and at $20 a piece, it fits my budget perfectly!

I just want to be sure that when a drunken friend sits down, the cube won't fall to the floor, taking her with it!



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We actually owned some of these several years ago. We had to put them together ourselves, so we used lots of nails, and they were sturdy enough to hold heavy art and design books. While we didn't worry about our large cat jumping on them, we wouldn't recommend sitting on them -- unless you're the size of a very small child.

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