Millenium Beech Towels

Millenium Beech Towels

Sep 22, 2006

We'd read about 'em on Treehugger and productdose. They were slinked on AT:NY, and weren't they mentioned in an Open Thread at some point? But it wasn't until we visited the Branch booth at Dwell on Design that we actually saw -- and touched -- Millenium towels.

They're soft. Very soft. And they're very absorbent and quick-drying. Made of 100% beech wood microfiber by Bonjour of Switzerland, the dyes used are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and colorfast.

According to Branch, "These towels are a great alternative to those made of conventionally grown cotton, a crop whose production takes an enormous toll on the air, water, and soil, not to mention the health of people living and working in cotton country. (For example, nearly 2/3 of all pesticides used worldwide are applied to cotton crops.)"

Available in eight colors from Branch in four sizes. Prices range from $12 to $64.

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