Good Questions: Original, Affordable Art?

Good Questions: Original, Affordable Art?

May 30, 2007


Do you know of a place in SoMa where artists create art work in a communal setting and occasionally offer up the works for sale? I saw something about this on the local news a few months ago but was never able to find anything online. Also, perhaps you can recommend a good place to buy discount original art or student art?



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We're not sure about the communal art place, but perhaps one of our many artist readers can fill us in.

We feature artists whose original art is affordable in our weekly The Gallery posts. See them here. We also list events where you can purchase affordable art in our weekly Events Calendars.

And be sure to check out our Top 10: Places to Buy Affordable Art.

Also, last year AT:NY posted their own Top 10: Affordable Online Art Sources.

Anyone else?

Image: Rachel Ann Austin

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