Cellula Chandelier

Cellula Chandelier

Jun 13, 2006

You may wonder why we feature big-ticket items such as this Cellula Chandelier, which costs $2,390 at Moss. After all, that's not in many people's budgets.

We blog it because it's great design. Designed by Nunzia Carbone and Tiziano Vudafieri, it's so simple -- yet the impact is huge. We also show it because we see the potential for a great DIY project. In fact, we vaguely recall seeing such a project on, we think, Home to Go on HGTV.

We found the similar Bar Chandelier at Heal's in the UK, for £300, which is quite a bit less expensive, but they don't ship to the US.

If you decide to tackle this project, or another one, please send us pics. We'd love to see them.

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