Lucky Jade Mini Cashmere Blankets

Lucky Jade Mini Cashmere Blankets

Grace Shu
Nov 16, 2007

Spoiled soft. What do you get a baby who has everything? Either something so tacky it's awesome (hey, we happened to like those Spice Girls onesies at Spencer's!) or something completely decadent that you feel guilty buying it.

We'd say these Lucky Jade mini cashmere blankets fall in the latter category.

We wouldn't be surprised to see paparazzi shots of some hippie-named celebrity baby toting one of these around. About the size of a hankerchief and made of 100% cashmere (14" square, but there is also a full size of 4' x 3'), these are touted as being the perfect size for a baby to carry around. it wrong that we're considering buying one for our boss' newborn?

These are currently only sale at Design Public for $32

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