Luna Drawers by Melia Design

Luna Drawers by Melia Design

Storage is such a perennial issue for us that we're no longer interested in purely functional and boring. In fact, we're positively thrilled when we see something that stores but leaves function as a footnote. A piece like this is decadent, a forbidden pleasure.

We're speaking, of course, of the peaked top, which prevents the top of the drawers from being used as an additional surface. The fact that nothing can be placed on the top forces attention to remain on the beautiful shape and the finish.

We swear this piece could have been inspired by Disney's Alice in Wonderland, the scene where Alice eats cake in the white rabbit's house and grows until she busts out of the doors and windows. The Luna Drawers would have been right at home in that little attic.

The Luna Drawers are 31" high x 24" wide x 14" deep, and made to order in your choice of color combo and wood veneer. Now for the price: $4,895 at Melia Design's Etsy shop.

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