Lunch Break Equals Game Break, Tablet Style

Lunch Break Equals Game Break, Tablet Style

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 17, 2012

Most of the time when we talk about tablet apps we discuss ones that boost productivity, and today will be no different, although on its face it might not seem like it. Taking breaks can help you to stay motivated on the job, and one of the ways that we like to clear our minds is with game breaks. We've gathered together a few of our tablet favourites and would love to hear about the games you love to spend a little bit of time with during your work day.

Pocket Planes: The goal of this game is to build a profitable, large airline, and gameplay is simple and relies heavily on time. There is only so much you can do before waiting, which makes it a nice game to turn to when you're short on time and want something quick and engaging. Free

Plants vs Zombies HD: Can you call an app a classic? Well, if there ever was a classic game app, this would be it, and although I don't play it as much as I used to back in my early days of iPad ownership, I do still break out a minigame during a lunch break fairly often. $7.49 Android, $2.99

Obliteration: Physics based game with fun graphics. Gameplay is simple; get the abandoned buildings filled with zombies below a certain line by dropping bombs. Although the premise sounds kind of awful, the game does feel a bit cheery, and it's a quick play, which makes it great for when you want a quick 5 minute break. Also available for Android. Free

Angry Birds Space: While the Angry Birds toys may seem a bit old, the introduction of space is a fun reboot to the franchise, and playing a level is a fine way to spend a break. Free, iPad $2.99

[WordHero]: I can never get enough games with words, and this lightweight game with short rounds is perfect to pick up when you have a very short break. Free

Wind-up Knight: Think classic Mario adventures, if Mario was a cute robot knight. I find this game a bit addicting, and although I usually spend more than five minutes at a time on it, I can at least get through one level on a lunch break. Also available for iPad. Free

What games do you like to while away your workday breaks with?

(Lead Image: Flickr member Michael Nugent licensed for use under Creative Commons, all others as credited above)

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