Lunch Food Packaging That Is Easy to Open

Lunch Food Packaging That Is Easy to Open

Carrie McBride
Jul 18, 2011

Q: My son has entered the age of taking his own lunch to school. I know he's too shy to ask the teachers for help, so I need to send things in packages he can open by himself (you can see I messed up today by sending a mandarin orange cup that he can't open solo). Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of for wrapping his sandwich or grapes or pretzels is... plastic zip top bags. I would love some suggestions for less wasteful food wraps that a nearly-five-year-old can open on his own. Perhaps -- dreaming big here -- even drink containers, too? And how about a lunchbox to put it all in? We're using an actual metal lunchbox, but it's on the small side and non-insulated.

Sent by Carrie

Editor: As a child I can remember repeatedly having to bring my soup thermos to Mr. Roby's classroom because neither I nor my teacher could open it so I can relate to this. You want things secure enough to keep the food in one place, but easy enough for young kids to open - readers, what do you use that works well?

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