Lu's Big Day: The DIY Decorations
Ideas, Sources & Budget

Lu's Big Day: The DIY Decorations
Ideas, Sources & Budget

Dabney Frake
Jun 10, 2013

With time ticking down on Lu's party, I finally got the decorations nailed down. I've been gathering stuff for weeks, not really knowing what I'd do in the end. But, after days of puttering around with party supplies, I think I figured out a secret. Are you ready? 

Here it is: when in doubt, add another layer. Don't just put down a tablecloth when there's a runner to be had. And don't stop at a runner when you can put placemats on there too. It's similar to room styling in that you want depth, both vertical and horizontal lines, and lots of different textures and colors.

Shopping-wise, I wound up getting A LOT at thrift stores(sheets for tablecloths, placemats, etc...) and the hardware store. Thrift stores are major hotbeds for unused party supplies, b-t-dubs. 

Let's break it down:
  • Paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar, assorted sizes: about $15.00. I spray painted these with various colors, then stuck some neon office stickers on. When someone asks if paper lanterns can be painted, tell them no. Because it's not fun. It involves lots of tape and paper. You'll also have hot pink fingers for days. 

  • The party backdrop is leftover plywood from this project, and black duct tape from Home Depot: $2.70

  • Floral sheet to use as a tablecloth, from Salvation Army: $3.99. I gathered several mismatched ones to use on various tables.

  • The table runner is actually paint masking paper from Home Depot:
    $2.62. It's a little thinner than regular rolls of kraft paper, but infinitely less expensive and easy to pick up during a trip to the hardware store.

  • Jelly Jars from Goodwill: $3.99. When I found these, I could not longer justify paying over $40 for this similar version, as cute as they are.

  • Cork-backed placements from St. Vincent de Paul, covered in leftover chalkboard paint: $2.00

  • Paper straws from Hobby Lobby: $2.99

  • Paper plates from Target: on sale for $1.29 (and no longer available)

  • Forks and napkins from leftover Vietnamese takeout

  • The flower vase is a tin can from a yard sale, covered in striped scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby: $.39.

  • Biodegradable bowls from Goodwill: $1.99 for 20

(Images: Dabney Frake)

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