Lutron Dimmers

Lutron Dimmers

Stephanie Kinnear
Feb 13, 2008

We were home at our parents' house for the weekend and we watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age. This fact is not entirely remarkable on its own -- what's remarkable is the realization we came to: Movies are way better if you can dim the lights. And we don't have any dimmers in our current apartment.

Watching movies with the lights on kills the movie magic, and watching them in complete darkness either a) puts us to sleep or b) makes it impossible to control the remote.

We took a gander at Lutron home lighting control today. It's a pretty cool site with a page that will tell you just how much energy you save as you dim a virtual light.

Here is a quick fact from the page: If every household in the U.S installed one Lutron dimmer we could reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to that from 370,000 cars.

With dimmable CFLs getting better and more available every day, there's no excuse. We're talking to our landlords this weekend.

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