Luxuries vs. Essentials

Luxuries vs. Essentials

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 23, 2009

We brought you some great small kitchen advice from local architect Cindy Black on Wednesday, and were a little surprised by the passionate outcries against removing your dishwasher to reclaim space in a small kitchen. It made us wonder just what else our readers can't live without…

Living with and without luxury is no new topic on Apartment Therapy. We've brought you luxury laundry rooms, green luxury ideas, your food luxuries, asked you what technology luxuries you would cut, what your simple luxuries are, and even what constitutes luxury in the home.

We'd love to hear more about what things you can and can't live without, but also are curious about your luxury philosophies. Or perhaps we should call them essentials, since it feels like what is a luxury for one is an absolute necessity for another. Feel like life is too short to wash the dishes by hand? Can't survive without a garbage disposal? Or do you like living as moderately as possibly? Did you grow up with a lot of nice things and feel like you can't live without them now? Or did you live with frugal parents and rebelliously splurge now that you're on your own? Let us know! And, feel free to share your favorite living with or without essentials and luxuries stories (like horror stories from poor college days, anyone?)

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