m0851 Guestrooms: Small Space Inspiration

m0851 Guestrooms in Antwerp are run by the Canadian leather goods maker m0851. In the same style as their leather bags and accessories, m0851 has created three small guest rooms with clean, modern sensibilities. The rooms are located right above the m0851 flagship store in Antwerp, adjacent to many of the city's museums. We, of course, saw the rooms for their lessons in small space living...

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There are three m0851 guestrooms, each on a different floor. A guest library of DVD's and reading material is located on one stair landing between rooms. The landing offers just enough space for floor-to-ceiling shelves, a lamp, and a small chair. A curtain can be drawn across the shelves to instantly cover clutter.

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Larger mirrors are propped up in each guest room, creating the appearance of a doorway into another room.

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The beds are floated out in the middle of the rooms, their headboards doing double time as desks.

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Another stair landing acts as a gallery space, displaying a gridded grouping of framed charcoal drawings.

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