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Did you catch the season 6 finale of Man Men?  No spoilers here (in case it's still waiting on your DVR), but TV guide writer Michael Schneider has revealed an interesting little tidbit about the house that guest starred as Don Draper's dilapidated childhood home.  

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

It really looks like this!

Turns out the Victorian, which isn't in Pennsylvania at all but in Los Angeles' Angelino Heights, has more on its resume than many Los Angeles actors. It might look familiar to fans of Chinatown or LA Confidential.  

Through the magic of CGI, it went through quite the aging process to become the crumbling, unhappy childhood home that an unusually candid Don Draper shows to his children. We're gonna need a few Hershey bars to recover from that emotional day, am I right, Don?  

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