Made In The Shade: Keep Cool With Curtains

A few years back I spent a very warm week in Rome with my family. It was still “Spring” according to the calendar, but the temperature was a steady 90+degrees, making mid-day sight seeing a bit of a challenge. Staying inside the small rental during peak sun helped, especially because of this shade seeking practice.I noticed that many of the apartments surrounding us had heavy retractable awnings that fully covered their windows during the morning and afternoon sun. Some units would leave a small gap for air flow, while others would cover up completely, as the air was often incredibly warm and humid. In the evening the windows would fling open letting a cooler breeze circulate.

This principle really stuck with me after that trip—seeing a whole city relying on this natural method of keeping cool was very inspiring. When the summer sun arrives I now make a point to keep the curtains drawn. And on those all but unbearable days, my windows and doors are shut tight too!

(Image: Furniture4World)

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