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Boussu Belgium
Inspiration for my palette:
The whole colour scheme actually comes from a purple Fat Boy cushion (not on the pics, sorry!)I bought when I first moved in and was waiting for the sofa to be delivered. It gave me the idea of using lime green and pink. Those colours give me energy. A few weeks after creating the confetti wall, I found the polka dot rug on line and just had to buy it!
Colors used in my room:
I first used light colours (white and a very light shade of grey) to make sure the room remained full of light, as light is actually what I prefer about this room. One wall remained very dark so I thought might as well try a darker colour and opted for a deep purple. I then was inspired by a "confetti wall" spotted on line and just went for it. The books on the shelves also contribute to the decoration of the room. My friends thought I was crazy when I organised my books by colour (again, I found the idea on line) but now admit the effect is quite striking and fun. As I grew bolder, I added colourful stools and painted the coffee table.
Tips for using color successfully:
I'd say start with something neutral and then add splashes of colour with your accessories (rugs, pillows, trays, stools, wall art, etc.). It also makes it a lot easier to change the atmosphere depending on your mood or the season!
Confetti Pop