Maggie's Retro Chairs

Sleek and sexy, these Florence Knoll chairs are quite the pair. Covered in reclaimed fabric from Modern Fabrics and reupholstered locally by D&R Upholstery--the result is undeniably eco-conscious. Maggie has quite a few amazing chairs showcased throughout her home and all echo a retro design...

Vibrant and multicolored, Maggie uses her chairs to introduce playful colors into her home's decor. Whether it's a modern chair with a retro pattern or a vintage chair reupholstered with contemporary fabric--each room is brought to life. A plush, velvet blue chair in the guest bedroom mixes nicely with green walls. Outdoors, a wrought iron lounger becomes the center of attention with orange cushions. To us, using a chair as the focal point reads warm and inviting which is always a goal in our home.

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(Images: girl42)