Magnaverde's Scoop: From Small Cool to A Big Shelter Mag

One of the best moments of the Design Meetup last Thursday was hearing the big news from Bart aka Magnaverde, long time AT:Chicago reader and an entrant in last year's Small Cool Contest. It seems the editors of a certain magazine check out the AT contest and are including his small cool apartment in an upcoming issue...

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We don't want to spill all the details in case it needs to be officially "off the record" for the moment, but rest assured, we are looking forward to blogging the piece on Bart's 547 sq. ft. studio when it hits the newsstand later this year. Congratulations, Bart!

Click here to see his full entry from last year's contest: Magnaverde's (Imperfect) Perfect Vintage Studio

Thinking about entering this year? The deadline is Sunday and all the info is here.

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