Make a Beautiful Bat Garland

The Happy Heathen

We're always on the lookout for a simple holiday decor project that won't take much time, but makes a big impact on our space. We're not big on lots of steps or complicated processes, sometimes fast and easy is all you need — just like this beautiful bat garland!

Evita decided to use some of the crafting resources already available to her and went digging through the Martha Stewart archives. There she found this simple bat pattern. Using a sheet of vellum, she cut one out to act as a template. Next, using poster board, she out an entire colony.

Each bat was secured to a ribbon with hot glue, which once dry, has found a new home against a mirror in her dining room. Even if your bats get a little soft after a few years of use, this is a great project to upcycle and give a little boost. Just cover each bat in glue and glitter and they'll gain a little more strength and last for years to come.

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Evita's Halloween look from 2008

Look for Evita's full Halloween look a little later next week. Don't forget to take a peek back at her pad two years back, spooky and attractive at the same time!

Image: The Happy Heathen

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