Making a Big Rug (Out of 2 Small Ones)

Making a Big Rug (Out of 2 Small Ones)

Lindsey Roberts
Feb 25, 2010

Want a fun, cheaper alternative to one big, 8-by-10-foot carpet? Try two smaller rugs. One of the "On the Cheap" columns in The New York Times reminded us of this trick, and now we're searching for two smaller, inexpensive rugs that might work.

Two smaller rugs aren't necessarily the same as one big rug, but we still like the look of two rugs put together in a Boho kind of way.

1 This 5-by-7 Sprayed Lace rug was the one used by the couple in the story. $68 each, Urban Outfitters

2 Zigzag rug, 3-by-5, $99 at West Elm

3 Island Honey Chevron rug, 4-by-6, $149 at Crate and Barrel

4 Zebra, 3-by-5, $75.99 at

Hannah showed us her inexpensive version that involved sewing — How To Create a Quick, Cheap Rug. Have you put two side by side? Show us!

More: The New York Times | On the Cheap

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