Make A Free Growth Chart With Coffee Grounds

Make A Free Growth Chart With Coffee Grounds

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 27, 2011

We've all seen the oversize ruler growth charts appear over the last several years. If you've been wanting to make your own, check out this tutorial that's not only made from 100% free household finds, but is eco friendly to boot! It even puts your morning coffee grinds to use.

Our friends at Charles and Hudson have put up a great tutorial to make your own wooden growth chart. We've seen many over the last several years, but this one, depending on what you have at home, may be 100% free.

Wood that was already on hand was stained with leftover coffee grounds that had been sitting in water. It acts as a stain and is a great eco friendly alternative. Their finished product looks great and is easy for you to make too. Check out the full tutorial at Charles and Hudson to make your own.

(Image: Charles and Hudson)

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