Make A Giant Slip 'N Slide For Serious Summer Fun

The Inspired Housewife

A reminder of the fun I used to have as a child has popped up in the blogosphere recently. My family was never one for true Slip N Slides. They just weren't our style. We were more painters-tarp-on-a-hill type people and so is The Inspired Housewife.

Have you ever made a giant slip n slide before? Usually my family was more into water slides on large hills (same method, just don't unfold the plastic and you'll need stakes to keep the plastic in place), but this method from The Inspired Housewife is equally awesome and super simple. An afternoon of (only half way dangerous) fun is just a stone's throw away. It's a great way to beat the heat when you don't have a pool or anywhere to store one.

Find the details on The Inspired Housewife.

(Image: The Inspired Housewife)