Make A Handcrafted Treasure Book

Make A Handcrafted Treasure Book

Richard Popovic
Feb 2, 2012

I was unfamiliar with the concept of treasure books until my daughter was born. She received one as a gift and it is an amazing piece of work, full of vintage pictures and places for keepsakes. Every page has a couple of surprises waiting to be discovered. I marveled at how someone could conceive of and create such a detailed object. This tutorial helped me wrap my head around it.

Bloesem Kids has done a great job laying out how to create this beautiful little book. Gluing together small bags to serve as the pages results in a bunch of cool pouches where all types of things can be stored. Adding a string to the cover allows it to be tied shut or even hung on the wall.

This tutorial is meant to be basic and invites all types of add-ons and customizations. With Valentine's Day fast approaching this little keepsake would surely warm anybody's heart.

The full tutorial is available at Bloesem Kids.

(Images: Veronique. Via: Bloesem Kids)

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