Make a Hypertufa Table Top

Make a Hypertufa Table Top

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 28, 2011

You know what word is fun to say? Hypertufa. Go ahead... say it. Hypertufa. Awesome right? Totally. You know what's even cooler than saying it? Making it! This takes things a bit further than the standard planter we've talked about in the past and uses it as furniture for your garden!

Hypertufa is a strong material but without all the weight of your traditional concrete. It's durable and doesn't require any maintenance or sealing throughout the seasons. Perfect right? The even better news is that it's extra easy to make.

This process forms a tabletop with two notches in the bottom so it can then rest on a simple table base. If you're not into the base, leave just the top as a low lying planter and change things up. It's a great look for almost any space!

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(Image: Wendell T Webber for This Old House)

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