DIY Home Decor: Make a Luxe Serving Tray for $8

The Merrythought

The curse of the maker is that you can't see a great piece without thinking about how to make it yourself. Take a chic marble serving tray, for instance. It's something that I would readily pay a few Jacksons to take home with me. But somebody else out there saw something like it and thought... I can make that for $8. File this project in "why didn't I think of that!?"

The secret? Well, it's ceramic, not marble. A ceramic tile, to be specific. Caitlin of The Merrythought wanted a marble breakfast tray, so she found a marble-look floor tile and made one. With just a drill and two $3 cabinet pulls, a $2 tile is transformed into an $8 tray that looks like you spent $50.

I want to try this one and give it a finish with a piece of gray felt glued onto the bottom (which will also help protect the table). The grand total, even then, will be squarely less than $10. What a steal!

More info and images: The Merrythought

(Image credits: The Merrythought)